Not quite yet

We are not quite set yet but, we are both getting anxious. We have quite a group traveling with us. I (Denise) am taking 3 of my older kids (Trey, Alex, and Lizzy) with me. Janel will be rooming with my mom (Sandy) and her oldest daughter Ashley. We will leave on Thursday morning and arriving in Taiwan on Friday evening.

Tomorrow, I will run some last minute errands and try and figure out the best way to exchange money. Janel has already done this and I thought she got ripped off. Well, I think she may have been the smart one. Maybe, I will just use her money.

I said that I would take notes for those of you traveling after us. The first note is to check out money exchange rates before you travel. It pays to plan ahead.

Keep reading to see how it all turns out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What a difference 2 months makes

What a difference 2 months makes! Both of our families had their 1st post placement visits today so, it is a good time for reflection. It is amazing what strides the kids have made in 2 short months. The process has not been without is difficulties but, the think Janel would agree with me when I say that sometimes you just have to be in awe of how the kids have handled the transition into our family.

Dawson is settled in and prefers to keep on a scheduled routine. He has went from not wanting to lay down to sleep to going to bed peacefully after a bedtime story. he thing that I am amazed at is that his little cheeks have filled out so much. Janel reports that he eats constantly. It is clear that he is very bright and he has the cutest little personality. Janel's best friend Wanda watches him during the day while Janel is at work and Janel is thrilled that this works out so well. I do not think that she would have been comfortable returning to work without having Wanda there to be with him. Once again, it is amazing to see how all the kids take him in without skipping a beat.

Katie is doing just as well. She is still not totally thrilled by school but, loves gymnastics and soccer. Her language skills are exploding and it is nice to finally have an easier time conversing with her. Her soccer coach tells me that he can not wait until he can really talk to her because he thinks she will be a phenomenal soccer player. I think he is right.

Lizzy and Katie have had a few run ins but, they are decreasing in frequency. It has been hard for Lizzy to understand why Katie is not held accountable for everything that she is. They are starting to really play together and they seem to enjoy the same things.

All and all I have to say that we are really blessed. The kids have came to our family and have embraced us and it is almost hard to put into words the way you feel when you know a child comes from half way away the world from circumstances less than ideal and still has the strength to trust you with their love. Jim and I constantly say that despite our obstacles, Katie has made it easy for us.


Judy said...

so happy to read your post. I have been thinking of you and glad to hear Katie and Dawson are doing so well.

Lizzy sounds like a great girl and I really admire her for how well she is adjusting.


Wendy said...

So happy to read that things are going well!! YAY! :)
Wendy (from AKC)

Ann said...

great to hear that the transition is going well. and sisters fight, no big deal right?

lizakatowcka said...

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